Thursday, August 21, 2008

Kate Spade Riley Rain Boots

Here's a post to welcome a new contributor, Fishee, to our blog. In honor of Fishee's pisces nature, we present Kate Spade's Riley Rain Boots. These boots, made of blue rubber and decorated with a goldfish on the side, have the perfect underwater theme, and it keeps you at ease on rainy days. If only I'm that reliable of a friend to my mates...

At a sale price of $94.00 (originally $125.00), this pair of boots also comes in other fun combinations of green rubber with bumble bee, and off white with red daisies. For some reason, the bumble bee on the green rubber looks like a spider with wings to me. In any case, the Riley boots are clad in bright colors to combat any grey days you might encounter. My days in New York and Taiwan taught me that a pair of rain boots is absolutely necessary. As you trek all over town in torrents of rain swirling around your feet, your rain boots are there to keep your pants and limbs dry. Ah...the unaffected luxury...

Unfortunately, they do not sell pretty rainboots in Taiwan, not even at their Kate Spade stores. And the only people wearing sensible (but aesthetically criminal) rainboots in Taiwan are people whose work dictates the necessity of wearing them. Added together, this means that people there suffer wet feet just to wear pretty shoes, without ever discovering the beauty and functionality of rain boots such as these.

Anyway, while you are at, check out their "belle meade cana tote", "belle meade calista laptop case", and "beresford opus" bags. Very patent, very fun colors, and they go with those Riley boots.

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