Friday, August 29, 2008

The colors of Bobbi Brown

It's a happy day for undecisive people! When in doubt, get all the colors you could possibly need, and delay decision-making until the the very last minute. The Bobbi Brown Limited-Edition Artist Palette For Lips (exclusive at Bergdorf Goodman) has 21 shades of Lip Color (semi-matte, full coverage color), 11 shades of Creamy Lip Color (creamy, moisturizing, comfortable wear), and 10 shades of Lip Sheer (sheer, lightweight color). That comes up to a total of 42 shades!! Don't worry, a retractable lip brush is also included in the lip palette, so you definitely don't have to use your fingertips for application.

Of course, there will be people who will frown and say, "Do you actually need that many different colors? Is the palette too big for everyday use?" Well, obviously this catch-all product is not for nay-sayers with no problems making a choice, nor is it for people who carry tiny clutches all the time!! It's for spontaneous artists, serious lipstick people who blend colors, tote and shoulder bags carriers, and people who can only toss a coin and letting fate decide.

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