Monday, June 23, 2008

Michael Kors Private Sale

SHHhh!!! There is a private sale at Michael Kors online and in stores. Supposedly, this is an exclusive sale available till June 28th only to "insiders" and the sale opens o the public on June 29th. If you are as astute and skeptical as I am, you will realize that this is partly a marketing ploy, because about half of the items are already discounted without our link to the private sale. But there are actual items that you can't even find regularly on the website that magically appears when you use our link.

For example, the silver KORS Michael Kors Chic Strappy Flat Sandal shown here is now $112 from $215. It is also available in Blue with silver-tone hardware, and Magenta with gold-tone hardware. You won't be able to find this if you visited the Michael Kors website regularly. Same goes with a lot of other cool summer sandals. Although my skepticism doubts that these sandals will be gone by June 29th, I still can't help feeling slightly priviledged to get first dips on the sale.

By the way, the crisscross upper straps of this flat sandal keeps it comfortably fitted on your feet for however far you may wish to walk. I would know. I've been wearing a similar sandal in Gold from Orin (a Taiwan brand) everyday for the past couple of months. Mine is half the price but it's already looking older and looser. And I wish I have two brand new pairs of those sandals because they are so accommodating to my expanding summer feet. The Michael Kors sale makes its sandals oh-so-affordable and I'm pretty sure MK's sandals would hold its shape and color better than my Orin ones.

Here's an extra tidbit for those of you who bothered to read more. Michael Kors, known for its luxury sportswear, bags, and wide range of casual ready-to-wear clothes since 1981, is planning to open a "lifestyle" store in Chicago on the Mag Mile this fall. So check it out if you're in the area. Mostly because I'm curious what a "lifestyle" store is all about. Send me pictures and grory details. My curiosity will be forever grateful.

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