Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Cheongsam Search in Singapore

I had just visited Arab street in Singapore to look for the materials I will be using in my made-to-measure cheongsam (aka Qi Pao). Having to choose something out of the myraid of possibilities is very taxing for an indecisive person like myself. I think I may be much more suited for off-the-rack purchases. I did, however, enjoy walking through Arab street and realizing that LA Fashion district does have cheaper fabrics. I happen to think that the cheongsam and the kimono/yukata are essential in an Asian woman's closet. And for other ethnicity, well, let's just say WHY NOT? It's pretty!!


divine2 by you.

  • Divine Couture – originally from Singapore, sexy and eye-catching cheongsam custom-made designs can be found here.
  • Ted Wu Couture – Ted Wu designs beautiful traditional and modern cheongsams for brides of all personalities.
  • Mazzario by Mimi – long and short cheongsams available here, mainly in brocade and in some quirky designs.
  • Tan Yoong – Local Singapore wedding gown designer who also makes wedding cheongsams. Expect to pay quite a bit!
  • Allure Charix – Wedding gown designer who also designs lovely wedding cheongsams.
  • Dylan – Cheongsam designer with a girly feminine flair who does bespoke cheongsam for both casual and formal uses.

Kuala Lumpur

  • Divine Couture – designs beautiful cheongsams with sexy lace backs and even trains for the ultimate wedding qipao!
  • Kenneth Hoong (Butterfly) – designs contemporary cheongsams with pretty embroidery in striking colours.
  • Melvin Lam - designs cheongsams with modern twist in eye-catching designs.
  • Emerald, Jalan Imbi – sells ready made cheongsams in all designs and colours.
  • Red Lantern, Berjaya Times Square – sells ready made or custom made cheongsams in pretty lace. More affordable than designers’ prices


Suzanne said...

I love cheongsams and I hope to be able to buy one someday!

sisters said...

beautifull dresses;)))check our blog...kisses

CertkeyIT said...

I Love this qi-pao dresses very much ,thank you!

Shine Dresses Fashion

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