Sunday, February 21, 2010

Celestina Espasol Silver-Plated Filigree Clutch

A little annoyed today about the limited range of brands Asians typically know. Plus there is that snobby vibe that usually accompanies Asians that define "big brands = good". Yuck.

Yes, brands give us quality materials and designs most of the time, but sometimes it really depends on the collection itself. And sometimes, the head designer at certain brand names get changed out and quality just isn't the same. I am not against big brands, I love them lots, but I would love to see people look at things that catches their eyes and ignore that name thing a little more.

So here's a brand I've never heard of: Celestina. The cutout filigree patterns on the silver clutch isn't for everyone, and it rather reminds me of filigree fence you would get at European establishments, which makes everything more romantic than it actually is. And because this caught my eye while surfing online at Net-a-porter, I RESEARCHED the brand quickly and found her many other clutches that are quite covetable.

Celestina Abalone Felipa Clutch

Celestina Mango Clutch

Maker of the Celestina brand: Tina Maristela-Ocampo.
Location based: Manila
Big editor moment: Anna Wintour included them in Vogue's list of 2008's must have accessories.

Now, wasn't that easy??? Google search took only a few minutes at most...And now I know a new name for clutches.

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