Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Wishing for Spring - the aftereffects of watching Atonement

OH, Let it be spring!!!

I just caught Atonement on TV, in which Keira Knightly and her on-screen sister strutted around in sheer blouses, skirts, and dresses that made me long for spring to come. I was wrapped up in four layers of clothing as I was watching the show, including my white puffer knee-length jacket. I'm sure you understand how I feel.

In fact, if you are a frugal shopper, winter is probably one of the best times to buy spring apparel. One of my favorite colors that came up again and again in the Atonement movie was the color white that you see the character Brioni (Keira's sister) wear over and over again, perhaps to signify her innocence of mind. Most of the pieces she wore were one-piece white dresses, which I love for their simplicity.

Here are a couple of white one-piece dresses from French Connection on sale for less than $50 at

French Connection - Lockheart Dress (White) - ApparelFrench Connection - Summer Veil (Camomile) - ApparelFrench Connection - Delicate Darcy (Cream) - Apparel

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have Keira Knightly who wore vibrant colors and striking patterns to signify her passionate on-screen personality.

Her outfits in the show were rather unforgettable, and afterward, I found myself attracted to daring patterns such as the Flying High Dress and Fairytale Flower Skirt below from French Connection:

French Connection - Flying High Dress (Black/Slate Puppy) - ApparelFrench Connection - Fairytale Flower Skirt (Bullfrog Green/Pink) - Apparel

I also like a combination of the two extreme, where I can pair a white tank top (with embellishment such as the one below) with a flower skirt like the one above:

French Connection - Mystic Mary Tank (Great White) - Apparel

Well, to be fair, it wasn't always Spring in the movie, Atonement. Most of the later parts of the movie was in drab winter tones to highlight the dread and despair that the characters find themselves surrounded by. But that is as depressing as my empty pockets this Xmas, so I think I shall choose to remember only the flouncy and poignant romance in the spring of Atonement instead of the dearth and drama in its winter.

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