Monday, December 07, 2009

Sabo Shop Photoshoot and Unique LA

I apologize for not blogging for a week there, what with black friday, cyber monday, and Bloomingdales sales. I got a new Canon SD 780IS in RED (my fave color), a Hugo Boss suit for chibi (how dashing!), and presents for chibi's family in Taiwan.

Other than that, chibi and I were also busy doing a last minute shoot for Sabo Shop's Holiday'09 collection last week. Despite the thrown-together studio at our Santa Monica place with inadequate backdrop and lighting, chibi did an excellent job photographing everything and then editing them in post-production.

First, he photographed each piece in isolation. Then, Sabrina from Sabo Shop (girl in white below) styled and directed the model shoot.

Here are some of my favorite unedited shots from the shoot that did not make it into the final shots:

This last one chibi took as I was walking away, and I looked like a nonchalant passerby. I thought that was really cool.

Now, if you look carefully at the unedited photos, you will see the line running down the middle on the backdrop. The story for that is, chibi bought a pipe from OSH the morning of the shoot and extended Sabrina's white paper backdrop to make it broad enough for the shoot. We had gotten another girl to be the model, but she had a neck accident and couldn't make it, so I had to fill in. I was REALLY glad Sabrina had many wigs and huge glasses to hide my face. I also gave chibi quite a big of trouble not keeping to my spot in front of the backdrop.

Last thing I'll say is, the clothing line from SABO was incredibly comfortable to wear and easy to layer together!! I also loved the jewelry and body jewelry from v from vera wong and Metal and Hyde. I went to the UNIQUE LA marketplace over the weekend to help out at their booth and it was tons of fun! See Sabrina's facebook for more photos!

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