Sunday, November 15, 2009

Clarins Instant Beauty Perfectors

I want to share a secret with you.

After going back to Asia this summer, I received a lot of compliments about how I had a glow about me~! And my secret? It's Clarins!!! I was hunting for good deals at duty free stores and I found Clarins' Instant Beauty Perfectors set, which contains three wonderful products that makes my complexion absolutely radiant. I'll introduce them one by one:

Instant Light Perfecting Touch

Everytime I pass by the Clarins counter at Macys or Nordstrom, I pick up the Instant Light Perfecting Touch to try it out. Most of the time, it's already dry. The one time I successfully tested it out at the counter, I wanted to bring it home.

It is made like a pen so you can literally draw on your face. The Instant Light Perfecting Touch is lighter in texture than heavy-duty concealers so it doesn't cake up your face and so you can easily pat and blend it in. It is also lighter in shade than your foundation so you can use it as a highlighter. It has a soft brush-like applicator on top, and you turn the bottom for more of the liquid inside to come out.

Only thing about the Instant Light Perfecting Touch is that it's so easy to use, I think I'm going through my tube at an incredible speed. This extremely popular product is $30, and remember to chose your shade well (a rosy tone is always good unless you have red irritated skin~).

Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch

This is named confusingly similar to the Instant Light Perfecting Touch above, but what's in a name? Awarded 'Best Make-Up Primer' from 'Health' 2007, this was the item that convinced me to buy the set at the airport. I tried it out on the back of my hand and the place I applied it looked so much smoother with less obvious lines.

I have previously used many great primers including Makeup Forever (my fave), Smashbox, and Shu Uemura. Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch still surprised me at how much smoothing effect it has. It surely does what it was designed to do. Also, a little tub lasts forever~~.

The only thing is, applying this to your face is different from applying this to an area at the back of your hand. This is not a liquid with watery texture. Instead, it is almost a solid that has limited spreadability. So applying it to your whole face evenly is time consuming and challenging. Also, you'll probably need to apply more on your face than on the back of your hand since the latter is smoother. It is possible though, that you won't need to apply the Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch everywhere on your face or spread it evenly. It is possible that you only need it in certain problematic areas with bigger pores and deeper lines. The $30 product also contain Vitamin E that will protect your skin.

I've saved the best for last!! The Instant Light Complexion Perfector is a DEFINITE MUST-HAVE! I am convinced my "glow" came from this genius product.

Like the Instant Light Perfecting Touch, the Complexion Perfector is like foundation, but lighter and much more sheer. I got mine in rose shimmer and apply it on my cheeks, my forehead, my eyelids, my nose, and on my laugh lines. I swear it cuts 3-5 years off my age because it makes my complexion more even, gives it a rosy glow, and works as a highlighter to give my face more depth. I use it without foundation most of the time, and it looks so natural!! I almost do not need blush because the rose shimmer has such a rosy tint to it. When I use it with foundation, I make sure to apply it last so that the "glow" isn't covered by the brown tone in my foundation.

The viscosity of this product is watery enough for easy spreading, and dense enough for sheer coverage. It's so useful and easy that it has become my "go-to" item when I want to look fresh and young. It compliments everything you already have in your makeup kit and is a worthy investment for $32.

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