Thursday, November 05, 2009

Bugatti 4-door Galibier Unveiling in LA

Today, I went to the unveiling of Bugatti Galibier concept car. The four-door coupe costs 1 to 3 million dollars and houses a spectacular 8-pipe exhaust system. Unlike the exposed engine in the back of the Veyron, the Galibier carries the W16 engine in the front, weighs around 1900 kg and is capable to achieve a top speed of around 350 km/h (around 240mph). It looks like a big sedan version of its 2-door brother, but will not need a second key like the Veyron in order to reach the incredible speed. The Galibier showcases a carbon fiber body (all the blue parts) and chrome aluminium sides that makes it look slimmer (thank god). Its total length is about 5.3 meters, almost 80 inches longer than the Veyron.

I love the headlights, the spine carrying throughout the entire body, and the butterfly wings hood (very symmetrical). chibi hated the quad exhaust as he thought it was overdone, but I thought it really fits the extravagant design. chibi also hated the boat-like dashboard and centered dials (the speedometer and odometer) as he prefered the cockpit style. For me, the deal breaker was the fact that the back seats were separated by a divider in the middle. It was pretty hard to get into the back seat too. Well, ok, I lie. The deal breaker is the 1 to 3 million price tag, but I was there only to look anyway~~. Oh. And Jay Leno was there briefly too!! ^_^

After all that excitement, we came home to chill to a cup of coffee. Alas, we have run out of the Boca Java coffee we bought online for a very good price. The quality? Very satisfactory. Well, it is gourmet coffee, roasted-to-order, but I was skeptical before I ordered, so I actually went on Google to read reviews for Boca Java's coffee. Customers rated the coffee as really good, so I tried out their coffee. After months of drinking their coffee, I think I have become even more incorrigibly hooked to coffee-drinking. We want to try something new, but has this amazing offer to send four 8oz bags of coffee plus a complimentary bag of Jamaican Blue Mountain (a $72 retail value) for just $19.95 plus shipping and handling~~! I am finding it hard to resist this great deal. >_<~~

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