Friday, October 16, 2009

Gilty Ranjana Khan Necklaces

I'm back! Perhaps it's rejuvenation from being back with my beau in LA, or the approach of my favorite holiday/birthday, Halloween. I'm finally back in shopping mode. I'll take pictures of my spoils and post them soon enough, and you will be jealous, I promise you!

In any case, while I bought yet again from ideeli (a pretty dress for a friend's birthday present), I am feeling all sorts of lust over these incredible costume jewelry from Gilt. Of course, they are incredibly unaffordable for someone like me who isn't pulling in income.

My favorite is this black silk charmeuse cord necklace that jumped out and grabbed me by all my goth fantasies. The necklace has three row scalloped bib with black plastic and glass bead drops. Sounds so simple, yet it's so wonderfully theatrical and gothic. It strikes my heart so fatally with its similarity to a manga/anime that I absolutely love: xxxHolic.

There are other necklaces I liked too, also from Ranjana Khan...who is Naeem Khan's wife, by the way. They are a perfect team together!

Usually, these statement pieces of jewelry would be paired with other items that are relatively simple, such as a dress, a blazer, basic separates, which makes the outfit wearable for everyday. But judging from my colorful hobby of watching manga/anime/cosplay, I continue to dream of a studio that would be stocked full of these paired with extreme dresses (full bodied Victorian and decadent Baroque styles). Of course, with no occasions to go all out and a culture that is so obsessed with not overdressing, this is impractical and will remain in the realms of dreams.

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