Thursday, July 09, 2009

Sisley Express Flower Gel Mask

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At Cosmetic America

My friend, Fishee, took me shopping downtown a couple of weeks ago and even helped me score some Sisley samples as she bought her skincare essentials there.

My skin has been terribly parched since I came back to Vancouver (so much so it started wrinkling). My usual just-in-case stash of exfoliators and masks are 2000 km away in LA, and thus, I was ever so grateful for the Sisley samples I received. Fishee extended her generosity and gave me some dermalogica skin prep scrub and Orlane gentle face scrub for my scaly skin predicament. I've only used the dermalogica scrub so far to ready my face for applying the mask, and it works rather well, I would say.

When I finally got to applying the Sisley Express Flower Gel Mask, it certainly had the texture of a gel and I couldn't help wondering how this could be hydrating enough for my parched skin. I decided to keep an open mind and since the instructions on the back of the sample was to leave the mask on and not wash it off, I went about my usual affairs on the computer. The next day, my face has become softer, brighter, tighter and definitely more moisturized. It seems as though my dried skin has taken an herbal drink from the mask, and the moisture went deep down instead of simply staying on the surface. Oh, the wonders of flower extracts~!! And did I mention it smells really nice?

Sisley, the Paris skincare company started in 1976, is headed by the family of d’Ornano and has been specializing in incorporating botanical active ingredients and essential oils in beauty products since conception. Their product lines do not come cheap and often land in the range of $100 to $300. Fortunately, you can find discounted Sisley products on Cosmetic America!

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