Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Linea Pelle Large Lola Tote Handbag

Megan Fox (female lead in Transformers I and II) is usually not my cup of tea because she tends to exude an air of sexuality in the realm of sluttiness. However, I saw this picture of her today with Linea Pelle large Lola tote handbag in midnight (navy blue) and I thought, "Wow, Megan Fox looks great here!" It is probably in part due to her toned down makeup and outfit that I find her looking good. Also, the aviator sunglasses are blocking the view of her eyes, which is the sluttiest part of her face. And a big part is because that huge Lola bag looks surprisingly great on her!!! I don't know what she has in her bag, but it looks like she fitted a watermelon in there, yet it still looks chic and lovely. You may think the Lola bag is plain, but it does have a great shape with comfortable shoulder straps and buttery soft leather. The brass hardware and LP's signature zebra lining are quite likeable too. All in all, I think Megan Fox and the Lola bag fits each other like a glove. The bag gives Megan the edge she likes and is used to, yet is soft and womanly enough without giving off any slutty feeling. For a $355 bag (down from $595), the Lola bag truly is a great find.

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