Saturday, July 11, 2009

Angelika Werth: Maker of Wearable Art

Tent Dress: Chic Wedding Wear or Shelter

Angelika Werth in her kitchen in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada, right before a Madeleines photo shoot, 2007. Photo by Jeremy Addington. See more pics at Fiberarts Mag.

I'm proud to feature a fellow Canadian, Angelika Werth, who is a master of fashion, fibre, and wearable art. She began her practice with a three year dress-making apprenticeship, worked for Yves Saint Laurent in Paris, France, and then received a Master degree in dress-making and designing. Not only does she create couture dresses out of tents (the recycling of materials is very eco-friendly), she also construct dresses out of materials such as old linen mattress covers and deconstructed baseballs. Werth makes all of her creations by hand, and these low-tech techniques are extremely labor-intensive. The meticulous handiwork on her dresses justify the $1,600 to $2,500 price tag, relatively cheap for collectable pieces of couture art.

In her recent work, Werth designed a series of 12 hand-felt dresses called Madeleines for the use of historical figures such as Napoleon's Josephine, Marie Antoinette, and Gertrude Strein. The sculptural, felted dresses are created out of what Werth imagined to be their engagement in athletic activity. See more of Werth's creations at her official website.

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