Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Bottega Veneta - Miscellaneous Threads

It's about two months late, but I'm finally posting up the picture I took of my friend, A.C., pimped out in Bottega!! Lucky her!!! She bought an oversized classic Veneta and long woven wallet both in A.C.'s favorite color, red! She also bought a Bottega sunglasses to match. It was dark, but I got her to model her sunglasses for me anyway. Isn't the oversized Veneta to die for? It's HUGE!!! It probably works as an overnight bag as well~! The woven leather Veneta is a sturdy bag, but I'm not sure it is good for the back to hold too much stuff in such an oversized bag (especially with A.C.'s small frame). It's just too bad there wasn't a normal sized Veneta in that delicious red. This reminds me. As Fall comes, do stock up on Fall's new it color, rusty red/brick red.

By the way, I saw this Bottega Boston Tote on sale at net-a-porter the other day and was rather surprised by the tablecloth-like pattern. It reminds me of Cole Hann "Genevieve" bags, which is also available in a white-and-spicy-orange color combination. The meadow-loving side of me liked this Bottega, thinking how much it looks like beautiful leaves in the fall. But then again, I wonder if this is too reminiscent of going on picnics to justify the high price tag. Of course, orange is all over Hollywood this Spring, a continuation of the earthy tone trend from three years ago. So, in this season of showing off bold colors, will this bag be a good buy for those trendsetters who willingly set it against brown, gold, purple, green, or even bright blue?

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