Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Matthew Williamson’s Commercial for His H&M Line

Saw this on NYMag today and thought it was funny so I had to share. Here's the NYMag commentary:

"Matthew Williamson will not shrink back and let you forget about him just because his H&M line has already hit stores. Hence H&M's premiere of a flashy new commercial for his diffusion line, which feels more like an acid trip than a television advertisement. Fembot models escape boring scenarios like riding pink horses, lying in bed with a man, and standing next to a pool to flock to Matthew's side after he emerges from a neon, glowing volcano. It's like a neon-hued cross between The Golden Compass and Men in Black. Does this mean Matthew Williamson is the Will Smith of fashion? Because that would explain so much. Daria Werbowy also stars."

Anyway, I didn't go to H&M on the day Matthew Williamson's line hit H&M stores because I hate the crowds, and there was that swine flu thing. The first shipment was apparently only made available to 8 stores in US, including the Beverly Hills center in LA. Boo~~~ But another batch is coming out on May 14th, including the men's collection and female swim collection. I will miss this one yet again. I mean, I like the British designer's peacock inspired designs and all, but my chibi is a rather plain manly man and will die before wearing Matthew Williamson's clothes, I think.

Anyhow, the commercial is funny (and so is NYMag's commentary). Amy Odell is definitely a writer with the kind of humor I envy.

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