Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!~


To all mothers in the world, Happy Mother's day. You are all the gems that bring out the best in your children, and the people responsible for germinating the future (since men can't give birth). To my own mom, you're a wonderful mom, wife, and woman. Thank you for teaching me things I would not have been able to learn elsewhere!~ To my grandma, I hold you dear to my heart, and wish you would be more of a willful slacker like me. But then you wouldn't be you, and I wouldn't have learned what it means to live life for the family if not for how you are. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate and love you both!

By the way, I thought the kitchen aprons and glove set from Carolyn is wonderfully retro as it reminds me of a cross between Beetle Juice and Stepford Wives. The ruffles, ribbons, and polka dots all add up to its sweetness, while the black and white stripes balance out the homely set and makes it bearable. When I become a mother, I hope I will have overcome my fear of cooking for others. I would then be proud to be the cheesy poster mom for an apron and glove set such as this.

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