Monday, May 25, 2009

Erik Hart Strapless Dress at 50% off!!

I saw this Erik Hart strapless dress on Vanessa Hudgens the other day and couldn't get it out of my mind. Cute, isn't it? Especially with the awesome necklace and thigh-high socks she's wearing. Honestly, I would have preferred if it were thigh-high boots, but I guess it's the same idea. The black-on-grey emsemble is yet another example of how to look great in neutrals. You can see for yourself how dark and tailored most of Erik Hart's line is. Yet, paired with Hudgens decidedly flirty frocks, and well put-together accessories, the strapless dress oozes strong feminine appeal. 50% off sure is a tempting price for such a versatile dress.

Anyway, the strapless dress on Vanessa Hudgens is the only Erik Hart item available on Singer22. The only other place to get Erik Hart online is at RevolveClothing. The reason for that, no doubt, is because Erik Hart's eponymous clothing line (2008) is a very new sprout from his previous streetwear line, Morphine Generation (2003), which is available on Fashion Chateau,, and Despite its short run so far, Erik Hart already has illustrious devotees such as Scarlett Johansson, Lindsay Lohan and Brad Pitt. I would say it's off to a great start!

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