Thursday, April 23, 2009

The New Pant Shape - Harem Pants and Jumpsuits

I usually post so many dresses, I thought I would post pants today. The harem pant trend and jumpsuit rage is most probably in passing, but while we are here, I wonder how many of us will be brave enough to venture. The interesting thing is, designers all know that this trend is not something to be tried by women who are not stick-thin like models on the runway. The proof being that these new arrivals at RevolveClothing are all stocked in small to very small sizes. The Bensoni Jumpsuit is available in 0, 2, and 4. Jill Stuart is only available in a 4. MCQ has slightly bigger sizes (38/XS, 40/S, and 42/M for the jumpsuit, while the harem pants go up to 44/L). Zimmermann jumpsuit and lounge pants are both only stocked in 0/XS, and 1/S.

I actually do like this trend and have been dying to try it. Even if I look like a sack of potatoes, I will still like wearing these because I've always been into the feeling of wearing overalls. These items I featured here are all very high-quality and thus the prices are also out of my puny budget, especially since this is a seasonal trend and will eventually pass in no more than 2 seasons. I will have to stick to lower-end jumpsuits and harem pants from budget stores like H&M/Forever21. For those brave enough to try out this trend, I am thinking that this is one item you may want to try out IN-STORE instead of buying online. Just in case, the lack of definition looks horrible on you. To be fair, Jill Stuart's and MCQ's jumpsuits are both quite defined among this bunch, don't you think?

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