Saturday, April 25, 2009

Flowers For Spring

Tarina Tarantino New Anywhere Clip Tan

Tarina Tarantino New Anywhere Clip Tan

Tarina Tarantino New Anywhere Clip Black

Tarina Tarantino New Anywhere Clip Black

A while ago, my friend A.J. was looking for a flower brooch as an accessory for her scarves, hats, and jackets, as well as to cover up an overly exposing keyhole on her Madison Marcus dress. We found a couple at J. Crew, Forever21, and tons of them at FlowersInTheCity. So, when I saw these flower clips at, I thought of A.J. and had to post them up.

These clips have Swarovski crystals in them, which increases the bling value. Moreover, they supposedly clip anywhere. For example, you could wear it in your hair tucked under an updo + sexy dress, or you could wear it as a broach on your blouse, jacket, or scarf. A bit pricey at $45, but considering the crystals in them and the 20% discount (see below), it's actually a reasonable price!

Here's the good news. BlueBee has a sale going through Monday (April 27, 2009) which gives you and your visitors 20% off all women’s jewelry with code BBJWL20.

Restrictions: Not valid on international orders; no returns on fine jewelry, which is in our normal return policy and stated in the descriptions on those items considered fine jewelry

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi, S,

Thank you for doing more research on flower clips and posting it. I've been meaning to update you on the result of my solution to the dress. I've finally purchased two silk flowers with feathers from, one red and black, one teal color with brown feather.

They're not the most delicate silk flowers at all. Actually when you look at them close, they don't look that great at all, but in distance they look decent enough. In my case, the red and black flower works perfectly to cover up the keyhole in my dress.

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