Sunday, April 05, 2009

Corey Lynn Calter, Development, By Francine, and Trina Turk items all 40% off

Incredible Designer Deals at ShopGoldyn!!

Exclusive coupon codes! Get 40% OFF all Corey Lynn Calter, Development, By Francine and Trina Turk items in the months of April and May with codes CLC40, DEV40 and BYFRAN40 and TRINA40

Ruffle Neck Dress

Corey Lynn Calter Ruffle Neck Dress

This cute silk dress from Corey Lynn Calter is flirty and features contrasting yellow leather belt. It was $273.00, but now, it's on sale at $81.90. Add another 40% off that and you can get it for $49.14!!

Boho Studded Dress in Hunter

Development Boho Studded Dress in Hunter

This gorgeous studded dress from Development is part boho and part glam. Was $453.00, now on sale at $135.90 and minus 40%, that makes it only $81.54!!

Lace Flutter Sleeve Dress

Development Lace Flutter Sleeve Dress

I LOVE this dress from Development! I know S.K. hates the lace sleeve detail, but I LOVE IT!!! Hahaa, it's really feminine and airy, and the only problem is that I would probably feel cold in this dress right now. This one went from $297.00 to its sale price of $178.20. And with 40% off, it'd be $106.92!

Babydoll Halter Dress

Development Babydoll Halter Dress

MMMmmm...Babydoll chiffon halter RED, my favorite color...What else can I say... ... ...It went from $297.00 to current sale price of $59.40, and ends up as $35.64 after the 40% off discount.

Next we have a series of black stuff from Trina Turk:

Kit Kat Dress

Hijinx Dress

Oceana Sequin Tank

Eartha Dress

Doesn't that just make you want to check out the sale at ShopGoldyn??!? Remember, if you are shopping there for your first time, you also get a first-time customer discount of 30% on top of everything. Amazing, isn't it?

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