Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Chantecaille Limited Edition La Baleine Eyes and Face compacts

I know some people who love whales and oceans in general, but I'm not sure they will go for the Limited Edition La Baleine Bleue Eyes and La Baleine Blanche Face from Chantecaille (both $98).

I mean, they are pretty, that's for sure. A whale and her calf are embossed in precise details in the compact.

However, for starters, it's pricey, just like any other Chantecaille product. Secondly, well, I'm a little embarrassed to admit, that a make-up klutz like me will never manage to use the colors on these compacts properly.

This reminds me of the Limited Edition Poudre Elephant Teint (Bronzer Powder) from Lancôme last year. But the important difference is that I didn't need the separate colors in the Lancôme Bronzer, while it is imperative that I get each distinct color in the La Baleine Bleue Eyes here. In fact, one look at the model made up with the Limited Edition eye and face compact from Chantecaille and I thought "that is only as good or worse than generic over-the-counter compacts". Maybe this is a good indication that Chantecaille should just stick with skincare.

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