Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Arlo Weiner, most stylish second-grader

GQ reports on
Mad Boy
, Arlo Weiner.

Son of Matt Weiner - creator of the impeccably styled TV series Mad Men.

Go see the slideshow. You'll be amazed (or freaked out) by the sartorial prowess of this second grader. I personally think he has an unlimited future in costume-making. Period movies and theaters will love him to death (and perhaps even couture houses). On the other hand, I am pretty worried for him. However will he survive bullying and teasing at school in these outfits?

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Arz Nova said...

I hope so...kids are quite treacherous, if they don't like something they will make a point to make it known,

Other than that the lad has style :]

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