Friday, March 13, 2009

0044 Tiered Sleeves Belted Black Cardigan

It has been a harsh and long winter. The economic crisis has hit hard with many companies losing millions or billions in the 4th quarter last year. Also, it's expected to snow until April. Where has our spring evanesced to?

0044 Tiered Sleeves Belted Black Cardigan

0044 Tiered Sleeves Belted Black Cardigan (Was: $571, Now: $228)

It does feel like we are moving from a long-lasting winter into a short summer, and back into fall/winter again. If you keep up with the fashion shows around the world, you would know that Spring '09 collections were full of bright colors, and then Fall'09 turned into this dark goth convention of grave colors and black.

Well, at least we get to buy great winter classics at greatly discounted prices in this somber environment. This tiered sleeves cardigan is genius. Made of 72% alpaca and 22% wool, it will keep you warm while giving you a shape of modern 3/4 sleeves look.

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