Thursday, February 26, 2009

YSL Limited Edition Face and Eye Palettes pretty. That's the thing about designer brand makeup. They are PRETTY.

Somehow, they made the colors on the palette so soft and alluring that I can't help being drawn in. And well, it's limited edition. Hahaa...The face palette includes a bronzer for shading, and an orange shade to "enliven your cheeks", but judging from the size of it in the palette, they know we won't be using it much. The pink color blush is, of course, main staple, and a light pink highlighter is very much needed. Trust me.

As for the eye palette, *drool*...the colors are a little bit like my Jill Stuart, but even softer and lighter for a sophisticated look. The sage green, I thought, was a great color to throw in there to make the combination of the colors pop even more. I love my pale yellow highlighter in my Jill Stuart eye palette, and I know I will love the pale yellow here even more because it seems so smooth...And of course, the purple is so romantic...I wish I had it on for Valentine's day~~~...

These YSL beauties are only $10+ more than my Jill Stuart eye palette, and did I mention that they are limited edition? haaa...get it now or forever hold your peace...

By the way, YSL Gloss Pur Pure Lipgloss is pretty tooooo...*drool*...but what's reallllly cool is the Limited Edition BLACK LIP GLOSS ($28). Tell me that doesn't make you jump a little. When has black lips become so acceptable that a brand name comes out with a lip gloss for it? Well, it is limited edition, and it IS a lip gloss, which means you can darken your lipstick shades by adding a thin layer of it, or you can go for the goth look and apply it on thick. I'm voting for the goth look, of course...haaa...

Here are some more limited edition beauty items from YSL:
Limited-Edition Collector Powder for the Complexion $60
Limited-Edition Collector Powder for the Eyes $60

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