Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hello Kitty for M.A.C. Collection debuts Feb 12th

It's Hello Kitty day today!!!~~~ chibi has a friend who went through a phase where every inch of her room was covered with Hello Kitty stuff. It was very pink. I wonder how much of that has changed. In any case, you'll now find Hello Kitty collections at M.A.C.'s website under the categories "Hello Kitty Mild", "Hello Kitty Wild", and "Hello Kitty Accessories".

You'll also see a fantasical promo video when you go to the website. The real black cat running around was fine, but honestly, having huge Hello Kitty heads attached to people swaying left and right with the dolled-up model in the middle is just...freaky.

If you are wondering how to use the colors, definitely view the looks they put on the models in the video. Personally, I like the Wild better than the Mild, just because it is more cartoony when it's wild. But as you can see, they have more looks under the Mild, probably because mild colors are always more adaptable than wild ones~~~.


The Makeup Girl lets you score some Mac Hello Kitty!!! Enter the contest now!

1 comment:

chibi said...

went through a phase?? nope.. she is still currently in that phase i believe... just stop collecting i think... I want Hello Kitty...

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