Thursday, February 19, 2009

Christopher Kane v.s. Project Runway Season 5 Winner

Project Runway Season 5 Winner Leanne Marshall
Final Collection on the show

Compare and contrast. Scallops versus Waves. HMM. Small and round circles versus Big and long petals. Of course they are different, right? Christopher Kane created his Spring'09 collection with "prehistoric" and "scales" in mind, while Leanne Marshall created her final collection inspired by waves and free-flowing movement. Well, that's ripping off whatsoever. In fact, Christopher Kane Spring'09 collection went on the runway in September'08, while Leanne's final collection on the show broadcast in October'08.

Seeing these two collection side by side, I have to say that even though Kane achieves his prehistoric aim, Marshall's elegant waves and petals win hands down over Kane's unflattering scales. Simply put, Marshall draws out length and shape from a woman's body, while Kane draws attention to the round and stocky. At Net-a-porter, the Kane scalloped dresses look beautiful and romantic motionless, especially with their soft colors and materials. However, it is a different matter when the wearer starts moving (see below for runway pictures). It is simply not a good idea to let a woman mimic a dinosaur, which is neither feminine nor attractive.

To be fair, there are some very interesting pieces in Kane's Spring'09 collection. However, for having overall grace and a happy absence of grotesque scallop blobs, I deem Leanne Marshall's waves and petals collection more runway-worthy than Christopher Kane's scales collection. WOO HOO!!! Go Leanne Girl!~~

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Sunny said...

Marshall's elegant waves and petals win hands down over Kane's unflattering scales --> Totally agree with you! Kane's collection is interesting but not appealing.

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