Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Balenciaga Pre-Fall '09 Bags and Decadence

I thought I would post some pictures of what bags Balenciaga showcased in their Pre-Fall '09 collection, which I thought was very striking while still remaining true to Balenciaga spirit. Well-done, Nicolas Ghesquiere, though I still don't know how to pronounce your name.

Small blue ball, Big black ball. I'm sure you will agree, big is too big and looks a bit like a full garbage bag. But how cute the small blue ball is!!! And I'm almost certain it is soft too. By the way, the first outfit is sharp and chic. Definitely French, I think.

Again, Big Black Suede versus Medium Caramel Leather. The former is more unisex (I imagine) while the latter is very well-received on the runway for its understated luxury and ladylike manner. The caramel bag is as powerful as it is appropriate! The future is foreseeable. Strong ladies will gravitate towards and covet this satchel.

More blue bags. This time, we have clutches. The first one is in the form of an envelope with straps. Perhaps a cross between utilitarianism and exoticism. The second one has hints of red against an electrifying blue. Paired with androgynous glasses, almost animalistic arms underneath an over-sized leather vest, the bag seems to be the only item flashing femininity.

Grey bags. Grey is relatively masculine. Then paired with apparel that is relatively feminine. Nicolas Ghesquiere likes the irony, I suppose. I'm sure the grey envelope clutch in the first picture here is made out of exotic skin and that can only be fab. Also, you could tell even from afar that this envelope clutch is not a straight folded envelope, but has much more difficult curved endings and cutting. The second bag is also curved, and although it has quilts like Chanel bags, you'll see that the quilts in this bag are much more 3-dimensional like sculptural bumps in the meadow.

Do you see the "French element"? It should be obvious. No bags, but you could almost see one from the eye of your imagination.

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