Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Key to youth and beauty: Crabtree & Evelyn outlet items on sale!

I nag like a mother, I know. But sometimes men can be so stubborn. I keep telling chibi to moisturize his skin, and yet his feet are cracked and his hands rough. It feels manly, but definitely not well-groomed.

Heed my advice, moisturize yourself! Especially during the winter months, the air is exceptionally dry. Even if you are in a hotter place, you've got to moisturize yourself or your outer skin becomes dry and the underlying layers go out of whack and excrete excessive amounts of oil, which is trapped under the dry (and dead) skin.

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Many people forget to moisturize the areas that needs moisture the most. For example, the skin on the elbow and knee areas do not secret oil themselves so they will be even dryer than the rest of your body. Also, the skin around your eye has smaller pores than the rest of your skin so the molecules in your face lotion might be too big and thus, would not be absorbed the skin in that area. This 0.5 fl oz eye rejuvenator is 75% off its original price and makes for a great gift that helps nourish, firm, and smooth the delicate skin around the eyes. It softens fine lines and helps fade under eye shadows and dark circles.

Avocado Oil Body Lotion (Was: $24.00, Now: $18.00)

This value-size lotion (16.9 fl oz) contains both sweet almond oil and cold-pressed avocado oil, so that it is rich in protein, oil minerals and vitamins A and B. It smells nice, is moisturizing, and absorbed easily. Great for everyday use on normal to dry skin!

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