Friday, October 03, 2008

Top of the Weaving Game

This is why Bottega Veneta is the hallmark of making luxury woven bags. Compare these three woven bags made by top brand names. All have soft leather, though it's clear that Bottega is the most buttery soft out of the three. All three bags have woven details, but it's clear from the folds in the bags that Bottega is the only one that has perfected its weaving to perfection. By perfection, I mean that Bottega bags have the most balanced, sophisticated, and flexible woven details found to date, and they have impeccable style and workmanship too! Neither of the two other woven bags is ugly. But the weaving just isn't as pretty on them.

Bottega Veneta used to be a small and old Italian family firm that very few know about until Gucci took it over in 2001 and took it to greater heights, creating a wave of weave frenzy everywhere. I have friends who question why a woven bag can cost so much, especially since there is a gamut of woven bags on the market at a tiny fraction of Bottega's retail prices. All I can say is that it is one thing for top brands like Miu Miu and Ferragamo to attempt to ride on the wave of Bottega's weaving success by producing their own woven bags, it is another thing altogether when poor quality woven bags are produced ubiquitously
, sold for $50 or less, and project the misconception that woven bags are easy to make and are worth very little. In fact, the weaving technique is very difficult and very time consuming. So please please please give some respect to those at the top of their game and learn to appreciate first rate woven bags known for their high caliber.

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