Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Satin & Lace - Fall's romantic trends

Satin Dress from Carmen Marc Valvo $595

If you aren't sick of seeing purple everywhere yet, here's another dress in Port (burgundy)! But that is hardly the point. This dress captures two important trends in the Fall - satin and lace. How many satin pieces do you have in your closet? I have two. But my love for it is much greater, I assure you. The part of me that adores lingerie feels that the world cannot do without satin and lace. However, my mom isn't very much into shiny fabric (I suspect it's harder to sew). What she does love to do is to take our old clothes that are too short or skimpy, and add to them pieces of lace to instantly make them appropriate and elegant. My theory is, my mom is actually a secret romantic.

I also can't help posting about this ultra fab clutch from Nancy Gonzalez that would go perfectly with the Satin Dress from Carmen Marc Valvo. I'm a big fan of Nancy Gonzalez's crocodile bags, and this copper Caiman fuscus crocodile clutch has such a delicious color that boring black just doesn't stand a chance against it. The framed top and pleated detailing is so feminine and cute, and if the need ever arises, it can be used as a small shoulder bag (detachable shoulder-strap included). Oh, how fabulous!!! $1,400 at Neiman Marcus.

By the way, Carmen Marc Valvo is a highly prolific man in fashion too. He designs retail dresses, gowns, bridal wear, fur, jewelry, shoes and couture. More of his dresses I like.

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