Friday, September 26, 2008

A cardigan for in-between weather

MK2K Cardigan Sweater
MK2K Cardigan Sweater
Now: $44.99 Was:$150.00

Sometimes, the sun is out, but it's chilly when you're in the shade. What can a girl, who is prone to cold, do in order to avoid looking like the tropical Loch Ness monster? It's simple, really. Get an in-between sweater to wear as your second layer of skin and to protect against the chill in the air. The MK2K cardigan sweater on sale at Pink Mascara is perfect because all 31 inches of it is made out of rayon, which is a good conductor of heat and thus, a cool comfortable fiber to wear in warm weather.

FYI, rayon is a man-made fabric but it's not considered a synthetic because it is made out of regenerated cellulose derived from cotton linters and wood chips. Rayon has less strength than most other fibers, and has low abrasion resistance. Therefore, it loses strength when wet and when ironed.

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