Tuesday, August 19, 2008

One for the Yankees

Well, technically, it's 8 for the Yankees from Michael Phelps alone this year. We all know Phelps is making history in the 2008 Beijing Olympics swimming events, having garnered 8 gold medals and broken 7 world records. Phelps is doing USA proud as the most successful swimming athelete in Olympics history (with 14 gold and 2 bronze medals in his career).

I imagine the man to be highly competitive and determined. Then I found out that Phelps was diagnosed with ADHD in his youth before he started swimming as an outlet for his energy. That tells me that being entirely focused on swimming must not have been easy for Phelps. This makes him greater in my mind than he was before. I also can't help but wonder if American atheletes (including Phelps) win medals for the honor of their country, for individualistic glory, or for victory over personal hurdles.

Irregardless, these cute American Flag Pillows, on sale for $32 (they were originally $80 each), are perfect for the home of an American hero like Phelps. I could just envision the living room of Phelp's home, with these cushions on the couch and the medals hanging on the wall. They would fit right into the non-fuss decor of a busy athelete's home, don't you think? On a curious note, these pillows were made in France, but we won't bother with small details.

By the way, chibi's homes in Taipei and Santa Monica both have refridgerators that hum the American anthem when opened. **"Ohh, say, can't you see?"** Let me tell you, these patriotic tidbits around the house can really grow on you and make your nest feel more welcoming.

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Anonymous said...

haaa at least it doesn't say MADE IN CHINA.. how ironic would that be...

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