Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Louis Vuitton Neverful evolves!~

From right: The original Neverfull bag in Monogram Canvas, Neverfull in Ebony Damier and Neverfull in dark brown Crocodile.

I got wind that BeautyTamaki is looking to buy the evolved Neverfull in Ebony Damier because it is prettier than the original Neverfull. The original Neverfull in Monogram canvas has been so popular that you will always find someone donning it on the streets at any given time near Taipei Sogo or 101. My cousin has it. BeautyTamaki's sister has it. And to give absolute proof of the fact that it is popular, a number of Neverfull fakes have appeared on the market! (Ask me for the picture! I have it!).

Right now, the only places you can get the elusive Damier Neverfull is in Japan and Hawaii. In other places, the release date has been pushed back to Spring 2009 for some undecipherable reason (the salesperson at Holt Renfrew tried to educate me but I really couldn't understand her).

Other than the Damier, I find the Neverfull in dark brown Crocodile extremely suited for my taste. I'm not a monogram type of person, even if LV has one of the best monograms you could find. Unless I find something colorful like Richard Prince's LV Watercolour Monogram bags, or something with such muted monograms that I could hardly see, I would probably never buy a monogram bag out of my own accord. Fortunately, they have finally come to their senses and made a Neverfull that even I could like. Even though the Neverfull in Crocodile looks like it is merely Croc print, it now looks much more sophisticated and cool than the original! What can I say? I have a soft spot for exotic skins...(See more detailed pictures of the Damier Neverfull and Croc Neverfull after the jump).

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