Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Extortion in the name of green

What??? $75 for a cotton canvas shopping tote?!? Ok, I know it is Juicy Couture, which overcharges for everything. So really, it shouldn't surprise me. But even Anya Hindmarch's highly popular I'm not a plastic bag cost only $15. I'm not a plastic bag exploded on the market last year and started a frenzy of eco-friendly bags that can be reused, and anyone can see that Anya Hindmarch's bag is many times more attractive than this bland Juicy Couture bag with no design whatsoever. Don't believe me? Compare for yourself.

The thing is, Anya Hindmarch created the I'm not a plastic bag to spark talk and awareness around eco-friendliness, and more importantly, to prove that you can be trendy with a cotton canvas. On the other hand, Juicy Couture's bag seems to do the opposite with the cheesy heart shape proving how impossibly tawdry an eco-friendly bag could be. The message? Use re-usable and recyclable materials even when they don't do anything in terms of aesthetics, and pay 50 times its cost so the makers will get rich. Right. That totally makes sense.

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