Sunday, July 13, 2008

YSL Besace Shoulder Bag

I received a Neiman Marcus email newsletter recently. Its subject said "Yves Saint Laurent: The new must-have handbag".

Hmm. Really!? The bag in question is the YSL Besace Shoulder Bag. It came out in treated distressed leather (bronze or gold) earlier this year, but the new fall version is made out of crocodile stamped nubuck leather, in anthracite, dark brown, and red brown. The goldtone hardware, size, front flap, and adjustable strap all remained the same, but fall's darker color and embossed crocodile skin pattern injects a sense of rugged luxury that is entirely different from the bohemian chic in the summer version. The price difference? Just one hundred dollars more for the almost-exotic look($1,995).

I have to say that I was attracted to this bag despite my general dislike of women carrying messenger bags... ...

(This is a messenger bag regardless of the strategic misnomer.) I love women carrying glamorous clutches or feminine shoulder bags, and I only tolerate messenger bags on punky girls. The reason is simply that messenger bags are too often manly, and they too easily overpower a girl's softness. Here too, even though the front flap and great size makes the YSL Besace a bag that's comfortable and easy-to-use, I wonder if it is too hard for a woman's femininity.

The ad poster does a great job of persuading me to put aside my prejudice though. It makes me think that all that is needed to carry off a strong messenger bag is a strong, confident girl with a great sense of style. THEN AGAIN, how many woman can compare to a beautiful professional model with a director of photography who makes sure that the woman and the bag appears in their best complementary states? I know I can't.

In any case, despite my mixed feelings, I can't bring myself to hate this messenger bag. Yet, I wouldn't think of it as a must-have bag. Don't agree with me? Leave a comment and enlighten me.

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