Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Who is Alessandro Dell'Acqua?

So here's the story. I was browsing sale items on Gilt Groupe again (because I'm cheap at heart) and I saw Alessandro Dell'Acqua for sale. You couldn't really call me a fashionista so a lot of designer names are simply greek to me (in this case, Italian).

So here I am, browsing, and I see an impressive form-fitting, flattering jersey knit cami dress (bottom right of the picture collage). Then my eyes move to the sale price: $498. Ouch! Not cheap. What about the original retail price? $1,525. My eyes popped. WOW. How in the name of *beep* could a jersey knit cami dress cost that much? The price tag makes me want to run back to, where I belong. To add further insult to my injuries, the jersey knit dress is SOLD OUT! Whoever bought the dress must be one of those people who believe in getting what they want, no matter how much it costs.

So who is Alessandro Dell'Acqua and why are his dresses sold at top fashion houses' prices? As you can see from the picture collage, his clothes have been draped on many hollywood stars' beautiful bodies.

From top left corner, Eva Mendes on Vogue Italia May 2008, Charlize Theron on GQ UK July 2008, Lindsay Lohan on Vanity Fair, Kate Bosworth, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna on Elle UK April 2006, and Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie in Sex and the City Movie.

The brand started when Dell'Acqua showed his first prêt-à-porter collection at Milan Moda Donna in 1996. After that, Dell'Acqua has been creating both women's and men's collections, shoes, fragances, and eyewear. His men's clothes are very lean and Italian, while his women's clothes are celebrated for their sexy textures and forms. Conveniently, NYmag says it all.

If you wanted, you can find Dell'Acqua on Madison Ave in New York, or on racks in big department stores. *IF* you wanted.

Back to my shock-filled introduction, I was slightly soothed by the kick-ass fabric combinations and form-fitting silhouettes found in Dell'Acqua's clothes. FINE, many of his clothes are worth that much money, even IF I've never heard of him.

But $1,525 for a jersey knit cami dress?


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