Monday, June 02, 2008

Unbelievable, it's mine!!!

Congratulations to our friend who took to the store decisively and procured her new Miu Miu coffer bag (~38,000NT after a generous discount). From the 2007 Matelasse (quilted-like) leather collection, this bag has a tiny little key to lock the golden lock closure in the front. Although the key is probably useless and impractical, the idea of locking up a bag triggers youthful memories of using diaries with flimsy locks on the side.

The woman in the store who sold the bag to my friend claims that this bag will be a classic and stay in fashion for at least the next few years because coffer bags will continue to be manufactured in the upcoming years. So for those of you who are hestitant, don't be. The braided shoulder strap and quilts make this bag a contemporary throwback to ancient Grecoglamor.

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