Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Jill Stuart Cosmetics comes to Taiwan

Recently Taiwan has started to import Jill Stuart's cosmetic line from Japan. For those who are unfamiliar with Jill Staurt, she is a fashion designer from New York, launching her first line of cosmetics in 2005. In Asia, Jill has become quite popular amongst the Japanese crowd with products featured in various fashion magazines.

The introduction of Jill Stuart - cosmetics to Taiwan has proven to be a success, with its most popular blush compact (腮紅盤) already sold out in Taipei. However I was able to score some eye shadow's (眼影) for a friend along with an eye lash curler (睫毛夾). The eye shadow is featured inside a fantasy like arcrylic case while the eye lash curler has a cute crystal hanging from the handle. Both items are highly recommended by my friend and is a hot item this summer.

Jill Stuarts can be purchased at Sogo Zhong Xiao Store (忠孝店) or Mitsukoshi Hsin Yi (信義) A8 Store

Eye Shadow - 1450NT
Eye Lash Curler - 400NT


Mewer said...

Jill Stuart is soooo dreamy~~~ How do you think it compares to other "dreamy" cosmetics...like Paul & Joe, and Anna Sui

chibi said...

Well packaging wise... Jill Stuart is more elaborate (wasteful in design) as Paul & Joe, and Anna Sui just makes fancy with the caps... so first impression-wise Jill is a lot more dreamy...

Mewer said...

It's all just plastic, you know!!!

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