Saturday, May 31, 2008

Do You Mini??

No, not the ad compaign for Mini Cooper..........


Mini versions of bags has always been a centerpiece for cuteness and elegance. At times, we are unable to resist the lure of this cuteness even though in your heart you know that this bag won't be able to carry the arsenal of cosmetics and gadgets that keeps you perky throughout the day. My fav would be the Veneta and its offspring -- mini-Veneta. Actually, correction, I love all the mini versions that Bottega has to offer. You even have to ask for some of them since they aren't on display such as the "Drop Bag" and the "Mini Sloane". Additional bonus for getting a BV mini would be that most of the mini series are sold only in Asia and won't be found in North America, which adds to the WOW factor when people see it.

Other brands also features their own collection of miniture versions of their "IT" lines. Gucci's Indy, YSL's Muse and Dr. Evil. They have all had their shine in the spotlight but with the introduction of the mini-ME, they will need to share their glory with a cuter version of themselves... Who could resist not grabbing a set or two of these cuteness? You can even be like Angie and Zahara and have a matching mother and daughter set. (Valentino's Histoire Bag).

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