Thursday, January 28, 2010

Morgane Le Fay Trunk Show Feb 2010

Morgane Le Fay, the NY based gown, eveningwear and bridal company – Sarah Jessica Parker was married in a Morgane Le Fay, and it’s the favored brand of Stevie Nicks and Helen Mirren – has two stores in the Los Angeles area: Montana Avenue and 14th St in Los Angeles, and at Cross Creek in Malibu. Designer Liliana Casabel is coming to L.A. next week to do a trunk show of her bridal collections for spring – and they are ethereal, unusual and really special and romantic. If you are in the market for a wedding gown – or if you want to just check out the heavenly Morgane Le Fay spring collection of dresses, the trunk show will be going on Feb 4 Thursday, and Feb 5 Friday on 14th and Montana from 10 to 6 pm. The Malibu show is Feb 6 and 7, and there’s more info on

So the story is, chibi and I love Morgane Le Fay dresses. And we have to buy a dress for me to satisfy the Chinese tradition of gift exchange during our engagement. I could go get a Valentino dress, but it wouldn't be Morgane Le Fay, would it? What we love about Morgane Le Fay is how ethereal and unusual it is, which helps balance out the romantic part of the dresses as we hate overdosing on sappiness. And there is a trunk show coming up! Perfect!

The only problem is color. The criteria for this dress is as follows:
(1) Does not expose too much skin (can't be too short or sheer, can't even be strapless)
(2) Looks good (duh~)
(3) Is something I would wear again and again till 50 years later (or a very long time).

Since a dress is usually worn to parties, a lot of which are usually weddings or what not, white and black are not the best colors to wear according to Chinese customs. That's bad news, because the white frocks of Spring/Summer 2010 from Morgan are my favorites... Well, to explore the possibility of still getting a dress at the trunk show, I looked up the collection again and here are the dresses in color that might fit the criteria.

So what do you think, chibi? Is it possible?

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